Nature of Northern Cyprus

  • 4 years ago

North Cyprus Beaches

Unspoilt beaches of Northern Cyprus: the European Environment Agency (EEA) in cooperation with the European Commission’s experts analyze the quality of water annually. The report is considered for 2014 of more than 21,000 places in the EU, Switzerland and Albania. In general, the situation is very good: 95% of the beach area, including inland waters, meets the quality standards.

European experts prepare its report carefully. Water samples are collected at selected sites throughout the bathing season, and then analyzes them for the presence of bacteria that indicate pollution from sewage or animal. Depending on the results of water quality classified as “excellent”, “good”, “sufficient” or “poor.”

97% of coastal beaches have received this or that high score, 85% earned an “excellent”. Absolute measure – in Cyprus and Malta.

North Cyprus Wild Life

Every corner of North Cyprus is blessed with natural beauty, from its tall green mountains, to its forest buzzing with wildlife and its glistening beaches where the turtles flock, this island really does offer you everything you could ever want from a nature holiday. There is no need you feel you are in over your head with all the beautiful nature spots to take in as North Cyprus is a fairly small country where it is possible to see various beaches, mountains adorned with mysterious caves, valleys of beautiful flowers and forests all in one day! The Cyprus nature is really something that should be indulged in each season: as the trees blossom in spring, the transformation of the yellow grass turning green in winter. It all makes for spectacular viewing all year round.

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